Cramaro Tarps is one of the largest manufacturer’s of tarpaulin systems for the trucking industry. With over 30 years experience and numerous patents, we've created innovative and long-lasting systems that offer a safer and more reliable way to get your load where it needs to go 



Cramaro TARP-ALL

Main components and features


Sliding U-bows




The bearing structure consists of a series of upside-down U-bows firmly connected with each other .





The bows slide inside the rails fixed to the frame, thanks tow heels mounted on bearings, maintenance-free.


Front wall


Rigid frontwall with aluminum panel.

Railway Front Tensioning System



Rear Closure with springs



Rear extensions


Key Advantages


¨Full access to the platform area, thanks to the rear extensions.


¨Robust construction of the side rails


¨Full access to five sides (right+left+rear+above).


¨Quick front tensioning of the tarp.


¨Possibility to load many types of goods.


¨Quick opening of the rear closure thanks to the self roll-up tarp.

¨Customizable tarp with company logo.